Civil servant real estate loan without contribution

  • February 26, 2020

The mortgage is similar financing for all types of borrowers, it can be used to buy a house and / or finance work in a home. The profile of the borrower will make it possible to define the conditions for granting the credit, for this, the bank adviser will study the request in full and ensure the ability of the applicant to be able to repay the sums due.

Banks are more reassured and more open to offering better conditions


In the context of a borrower employed in the public service or being assimilated as a civil servant, the banks are more reassured and more open to offering better conditions, simply because the status remains highly appreciated by financial institutions in terms of reimbursement guarantees.

The civil servant profiles are therefore particularly appreciated by the banks and the latter can play a large part in negotiating good borrowing conditions, we are necessarily talking about the rate of the mortgage, but also the criteria that revolve around this financing, such as for example bank domiciliation, borrower insurance or personal contribution. Obtaining a home loan while being a civil servant and without having any contribution is indeed conceivable.

Obtaining a home loan without contribution for civil servants


During a financing study, the banks will systematically ask the borrowers if a contribution can be added to the mortgage. The contribution makes it possible both to reassure the bank on the borrower’s ability to save, but also to cover part of the interest and costs of setting up the mortgage.

Without any contribution, it is still possible to obtain its financing since it is above all the ability to borrow which makes it possible to condition the feasibility of the project. That is to say that a civil servant already having credits in progress and a contribution will not be favored, unlike a public servant with little or no loans in progress and without contribution.

It is, therefore, necessary to establish a funding request specifying his professional situation and his need to finance. The comparators allow you to probe the different establishments on the market and quickly obtain one or more financing proposals. The reception of offers will allow the comparison of the rates and conditions of loans from banks to civil servants.

Facilitate access to the property for civil servants


It is also good to know that a consumer can benefit from the assistance mechanisms for homeownership, that is to say, the zero rate loan or the GFI loan (social accession loan) which provide an advantage, a rate at 0 for the PTZ and a preferential loan for the GFI. These devices are subject to admissibility conditions and an online simulation will quickly determine if this is possible.

Finally, the online mortgage loan simulation is completely free and without obligation, so it is a useful and quick service to get an idea of ​​the current loan conditions offered to civil servants.